Module 1: Corporate Governance Essentials

Module 1: Corporate Governance Essentials

Corporate Governance Essentials Workshop
29-30 April 2019, Riyadh – KSA

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Corporate governance is simply about how we run our businesses to ensure they are run properly, fairly and in the interests of all key stakeholders.

To succeed and remain ahead of the competition, companies must adopt good corporate governance practices and skilfully navigate through market changes. It is the same for family businesses in the region as much as anywhere else in the world.

Boards of directors are responsible for the governance of their companies, but all employees need to be aware of their roles and responsibilities and apply the policies, procedures and guidelines which the board lays down for them.

Corporate governance is often a unique framework built around the organisation’s mission and values, but there are some universal elements.

About this Workshop

This two-day Corporate Governance Essentials workshop is designed to help you face the central challenge of delivering best practice corporate governance in the face of constant legal & regulatory changes and increasing stakeholder demands. Key topics covered during this workshop include:

  • Corporate governance definitions, principles, frameworks and standards
  • The Corporate Governance System
  • Identification of key stakeholders
  • Corporate Responsibility
  • The Company Law, Corporate Governance Codes and Regulations in KSA
  •   The Business Case for Corporate Governance

Learning Objectives

By the end of the workshop, participants should be able to:

  • Identify key corporate governance frameworks and standards.
  • Define and explain the key principles and elements of good corporate governance systems.
  • Explain how a corporate governance framework works effectively within a company to include articles of association, board charters, company policies and procedures, codes of ethics and values.
  • Identify how to respond to corporate governance concerns and challenges.
  • Explain the business case for corporate governance and the corporate veil and agency concepts.
  • Understand the law and regulations in KSA impacting upon companies to include good practices associated with insider trading, related party transactions, conflicts of interests and the protection of shareholder interests.
  • Identify major ethical challenges facing the board and making suggestions as to how these might be addressed.
  • Identify key stakeholders and recognize their importance.
  • Identify shareowner rights established by law or mutual agreements.
  • Identify key corporate responsibility frameworks and standards
  • Explain the business case for corporate responsibility

Facilitator –  Dr Chris Pierce

 Dr Pierce is a senior GCC BDI external associate and the CEO of Global Governance Services Ltd. He works with policy makers, directors and boards in Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, the US and South America.  Previously, Dr Pierce was the Director of Professional Standards and Development at the Institute of Directors (IoD) in the UK.  He has also held senior management positions in the Overseas Development Administration, British Airways and Leeds Business School.

Over the last fifteen years Dr Pierce has worked as an advisor to the boards of many of the largest listed companies, banks, sovereign wealth funds, stock exchanges and financial institutions around the World.

He has chaired the World Bank Corporate Governance Code Development Workshops for the Middle East and Northern Africa (MENA) on a number of occasions in Egypt and Jordan.

In 2014 he was awarded the Bertin Medal in Sweden by the International Academy for Quality for his contribution to Corporate Governance worldwide over the last decade.

Who should attend?

This workshop is designed to meet the development needs of existing, new and aspiring members of Boards of Directors and Board Committees, as well as the needs of advisors and senior executives who report to the board or board committees and who are interested in expanding their knowledge of corporate governance. In addition, professional executives, for example from the media, judiciary, legal, accounting, finance and banking sectors, with an interest in corporate governance may find the course to be relevant and useful.

Participants are required to currently hold or recently (within the preceding 3 years) have held either a director seat or a senior management position within an organization; and have basic English literacy.

Workshop fees

Price per person for 2 day workshop

GCC BDI Members USD 3780

Non-Member USD 4200

Prices exclude VAT

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