Updates on changing Laws & Regulations

Al Tamimi & Co.

New Companies Law Enhances Ease of Doing Business in DIFC

The New Legislation came into effect on 12 November 2018.The introduction of the New Legislation enhances the already sophisticated legislative regime of the DIFC, giving existing DIFC companies and new investors greater flexibility in terms of managing their business, with wider options with regards to the regulation needed. Moreover, the introduction of director duties heightens their level of responsibility and accountability which in turn gives extra comfort to investors.

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Allen & Overy

Directors’ Liability – Personal Exposure to Global Risk

Allen & Overy, and the global risk management brokerage and advisory firm Willis Towers Watson, have published the latest report on Directors’ liability D&O: Personal Exposure to Global Risk. At a time when regulators and investigatory authorities are focusing unprecedented attention on personal accountability for company directors, we are pleased to bring you the sixth edition of our series on directors’ liability.

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Al Tamimi & Co.

The UAE’s New AML Law and the Financial Action Task Force’s (FATF) Regional Impact

Global flows of illicit financing are a universal affliction and continue to vex authorities and law enforcement agencies across the world as insidious threats present persistent risks to the world’s financial system. These threats do not distinguish by geography, and it is imperative that all countries are committed to implementing the strongest possible defences against illicit financial flows.

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