Editorial by Jane Valls: June 2018 issue

Editorial by Jane Valls: June 2018 issue

Dear members,

This summer newsletter offers an in-depth exploration of the role of the board secretary. These trusted governance professionals have an important part to play in all types of organisations in the private, public, and not-for-profit sectors.

As you’ll read in this edition, governance is about more than just complying with laws, regulations, standards, and codes; it is also about creating cultures of good practice. This means that board secretaries require more than simply technical skills and experience to know what corporate governance practices are needed in an organisation and why.

In this edition, you’ll find a very interesting article on the changing role of the board secretary, which gives an outline of the broad job specification. I’ve also personally penned an article about the importance of the board secretary role.

What’s more, this newsletter features exclusive interviews (and insights) from Zakareya Buallay, board secretary at Bahrain property giant Seef and Hamad Khalaf Alhosanim, Group Board Secretary at Emirates NBD, the region’s largest bank.

Past and future events

A successful three-day 10th Annual Board Secretary conference was held in Dubai in May 2018, where I gave a talk on the Benefits of Board Evaluation at the event. GCC BDI was an event partner at the 10th Annual board secretary conference.

Our flagship event of the year, the 6th Chairman Summit 2018 in collaboration with ELM, is still to come. Watch the space for more details.

We’re also hosting our GCC BDI summer workshops in London this summer, why not take your knowledge to the next level and enroll in the following workshops? Limited seats are available:Upcoming workshops

Book for both the London workshops and you’ll qualify for a special discount.

We’re also hosting a special master class for board secretaries in Bahrain.

Membership reminder

To ensure the long-term development and sustainability of the GCC BDI, a membership fee of USD 500 per annum has been introduced for those Associate Members who wish to upgrade to Full Membership. Full Membership brings with it special benefits including a USD 500 discount off your next GCC BDI workshop. Find out more on our Membership Partners page.

And finally, GCC BDI would like to take this opportunity to wish you a happy and peaceful Eid filled with wondrous blessings for you and your beloved ones.


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Jane Valls