GCC BDI won the Corporate Governance Awards 2017  ...

GCC BDI won the Corporate Governance Awards 2017  

GCC Board Directors Institute :

Corporate Governance Awards 2017

Outstanding Contribution to

Corporate Governance GCC 2017


Each year, seeks out individuals and organisations that contribute significantly to the convergence of economies and truly add value for all stakeholders. Reporting  from frontlines of economic convergence, realises that best practice is to be  found  throughout the world and the Awards Programme aims to identify and reward excellence wherever it is found in the hope to inspire others to further improve their own We are very interested in including those smaller companies that might otherwise go unnoticed on the international stage but still contribute to global progress. Although we do, of course, recognise larger and indeed global players, we are keen to applaud firms operating in niche areas.

Judges’ Report

GCC Board Directors Institute: Outstanding Contribution to Corporate Governance GCC 2017

Since 2007, the GCC Board Director’s Institute (GCC BDI) – a non-profit entity – has helped further improve corporate governance standards throughout the Middle East. The organisation was set up by the region’s largest corporations and receives support from the world’s leading business consultancy firms. Now with almost a thousand members, the GCC Board Directors Institute represents the region’s largest network of business executives and hosts a number of events such as its flagship annual Chairman Summit. The organisation also offers a series of workshops that allow leading CEOs to hone their skills and evaluate progress.

The only Directors Institute in the region to be admitted to the Global Network of Director Institutes, GCC BDI is recognised for its dedication to the promotion of the highest standards in corporate governance. The institute works closely with regional regulatory entities to produce guidelines for board members and facilitates the flow of information between parties. GCC BDI has successfully adapted a vast array of global best practices to local circumstance and actively supports initiatives that aim to enhance board members’ capabilities – believing, as it does, that enduring success in business can only be sustained through excellence in corporate governance.

The judging panel notes that BDI also encourages diversity on director boards and emphasises the importance of engaging with external evaluators to gauge effectiveness. The judges declare GCC Board Directors Institute winner of the 2017 Outstanding Contribution to Corporate Governance GCC Award.