GCC BDI Launched its 5th Report on Board Effective...

GCC BDI Launched its 5th Report on Board Effectiveness

“Promoting Professional Directorship” GCC BDI’s 5th survey on board effectiveness representing 10 years of Corporate Governance in the Gulf


Dear Member,

GCC BDI celebrated its 10th anniversary at the 5th Chairman Summit on 1 November 2017 in Riyadh, and as part of the celebrations, we launched our 5th bi-annual Report on Board Effectiveness, representing 10 years of Corporate Governance in the Gulf.


Board effectiveness is critical to the performance and sustainability of GCC companies, and yet, like elsewhere in the world, its achievement has been elusive and difficult to attain in practice. This fifth report on board effectiveness in the GCC seeks to highlight the improvements made over the past 2 years since the publication of the last Board Effectiveness Survey in 2015 as well as over the past decade since the GCC Board Directors Institute (GCC BDI) started to conduct surveys of boards in the region.

The report is based on a survey designed by GCC BDI and GOVERN and is based on the GCC BDI Framework for Board Effectiveness, which focuses on the following elements: board composition and director capabilities, director duties and responsibilities, board structure processes and protocols, effective board dynamics, delivering on the roles of the board and board evaluation and renewal. This GCC BDI proprietary framework enables the evaluation of board effectiveness in the GCC in a structured manner, while allowing for flexibility to highlight emerging trends emanating from GCC BDI’s work in the region.

The competitiveness of the GCC economies is conditional on the long term sustainability of our companies which in turn rests on solid succession planning, separation of family from corporate governance and the introduction of ethics and governance practices.  We believe this report provides useful recommendations on how GCC boards can further enhance their effectiveness and we look forward to providing support to companies across the GCC to implement these suggestions.

We would like to share an exclusive copy with you in English and Arabic below.

Enjoy the reading and we look forward to your feedback.


With kind regards

Jane Valls

Executive Director



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