Voice of a BDI interview: Mohamed Kameshki

Voice of a BDI interview: Mohamed Kameshki

kameskiDr. Mohamed Kameshki is a renowned Bahraini consultant and social responsibility advocate. He is a business strategist with a strong academic background. Over his 25 years professional career, he has advised numerous local companies in various sectors on their strategy formulation, operational excellence, customer satisfaction and human capital resourcing. This was supported by his sound academic background and quantitative research capabilities, in addition to strong communication skills. 


What are the main attributes of an effective director?

 There are so many attributes which contribute to being an effective Director but there are no perfect ones. In theory, numerous characteristics are mentioned as to what makes a Director effective and successful but in practice, the most important ones are those which precisely adheres to strict Corporate Governance implementation which are: Full understanding of his/her duties and responsibilities to the board; and being himself/ herself in tackling the various issues at board level as well as continuous self development and being up to date with the best practice of Board Directorship.

How can ethnic/gender diversity enhance board dynamics? Please explain.

Having a diversified board with various specialties would always lead to increased    effectiveness of the Board but total appreciation for the roles and duties of each individual and to work collectively will enhance the Board dynamics. In addition to that, diversity in ethnicity and gender of the board will also intensify board representation which will strengthen itself in dealing with issues strategically and making decisions which are always in the best interest of the company in the long run. In fact, Boards with ethnic/gender diversity will ensure that their prospective representations are well implemented and will definitely enhance the platform for achieving a better Board dynamics.

In an ever changing GCC business environment, what are the top three methods to sustain sound corporate governance?

Sound Corporate Governance should be the ultimate aim of any Board regardless of the environment it is operating in. In GCC, the socio-cultural relationships always influence Board’s discussions and decisions. There are so many methods which could be implemented to sustain sound Corporate Governance in GCC such as:

  1. Being aware of the best practice in implementing Corporate Governance
  2. The Board requires the individuals to be themselves in looking at what is the best for the company and always be well aware of their duties.
  3. Not being affected negatively by possible good chemistry between Board Directors. In fact, such chemistry should be used in favor of achieving the best for the company.

What feedback did you receive on the Foundations of Directorship workshop in Riyadh?

Directorship is a serious responsibility which requires any Board Director to do his/her best and be conscious of the liabilities attached to it. Fundamentally, the Board should always work towards the best interest of the company at Board level and establish positive Board dynamics which will allow for positive contributions and effective Board Directorship.

Can you tell us the top three insights you have gained in your extensive career as a board director?

The Board should always perform his/her best working towards what is most suitable for the company for all the shareholders as well as comply with the best practice.

  1. Be yourself in making positive contributions as well as contribute to create a good chemistry that would allow for a good platform for positive contributions.
  2. Continuous Self Development at Board level regardless of the amount of experience one may have. Learning is a continuous process and applies to all regardless of their current level of knowledge and experience.