6-8 November 2017 The World of Directorship, Dubai...

6-8 November 2017 The World of Directorship, Dubai – UAE


6-8 November 2017 Dubai, UAE

Do you want to become a more effective director?

Do you want to gain greater understanding of the duties and roles of a director?

Would you like to immediately improve your board performance and decision making?

Do you want to make a long lasting impact on your development as a director or aspiring director?

This 3 day program is designed to provide aspiring and new directors with an overview and update of the principles and concepts underpinning corporate governance and the duties and responsibilities of directors.

Discussions are focused on the importance of corporate governance, the frameworks and models that can be used to implement the practices and the duties and responsibilities of directors in executing sound governance practice.

This 3 day interactive workshop will cover:

Day One

  1. The Role of the Board, Directors Duties and Liabilities

This session will consider the purpose and tasks of a board of directors.  A quadrant framework to understand the tasks of the board will be introduced and the relative importance of each task will be considered. The role of the Chairman, CEO, nonexecutive directors and company secretary will be reviewed and board practices will also be discussed.

The legal framework and role of the regulators will also be discussed and an overview of company law and other relevant regulations will be covered.

Board practices will be explored including: agenda setting, board papers, board behaviour and etiquette, minutes, board dysfunction, and managing conflicts of interest and related party transactions.

The workshop will also look at Board Composition, Nominations and Remuneration, Board Committees and Board Appraisals

Day Two

  1. Corporate Governance

This session will discuss what corporate governance is and what it is not.  It will provide a framework that will provide a basis for how the board evaluates corporate governance within the company. This session will look at the costs of making corporate governance changes and the benefits associated with these changes.

  1. The Governance of Strategy

The Board’s role in the governance of strategy will be discussed.  An A – Z of strategic tools will be briefly reviewed. This session will also look at how strategy is linked to performance and how performance is evaluated.

  1. The Governance of Risk

Risk assessment and decision making frameworks will be discussed, including Ethical Risks and IT Governance, as well as Succession Planning.

Day Three

  1. Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

This session relates the board’s role in strategy and risk to corporate responsibility and sustainability initiatives. It will also look at the role the Board plays in developing an ethical work culture.

  1. Corporate Reporting

The features of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) will be discussed and integrated reporting (including narrative reporting) will be covered.

  1. Control Environment

The role of internal controls, internal audit, the audit committee and the external independent auditor will be discussed.

  1. Directing and Leading Change

The change leadership process will be reviewed.  Potential barriers to change will be discussed and methods of overcoming these barriers will be proposed.  The importance of group and team involvement will be stressed.

The workshop will be highly interactive and involve case studies, group discussion, questionnaires and other activities.


Facilitator – Dr Chris Pierce

Dr Pierce is the CEO of Global Governance Services Ltd. He works with policy makers, directors and boards in Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, the US and South America.  Prior to becoming CEO, he was the Director of Professional Standards and Development at the Institute of Directors (IoD) in the UK.  He has also held senior management positions in the Overseas Development Administration, British Airways and Leeds Business School.  Over the last fifteen years Chris has worked as an advisor to the boards of many of the largest listed companies, banks, sovereign wealth funds, stock exchanges and financial institutions around the World.  He has chaired the World Bank Corporate Governance Code Development Workshops for the Middle East and Northern Africa (MENA) on a number of occassions in Egypt and Jordan.


Who Should Attend?

This 3 day program is designed to provide aspiring and new directors with an overview and update of the principles and concepts underpinning corporate governance and the duties and responsibilities of directors. It is also suitable for Board Secretaries and C Suite Executives who sit on a Board or who report to the Board.

Workshop Fees

Price per person for 3 day workshop

Member USD 3600

Non-Member USD 4000

Special rates are available for companies wishing to purchase multiple seats – please ask us for more information.
All participants who complete our workshops also currently receive free membership of GCC Board Directors Institute for one year. 

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