9 November 2017 The Effective Board Secretary, Dub...

9 November 2017 The Effective Board Secretary, Dubai – UAE


9 November 2017 – Dubai , UAE


In an era where meaningful innovation is needed in the governance, it is time to begin the effort to design and enhance – The role of Board Secretary. This role has the potential to greatly impact the governance of contemporary and heighten their organization’s ability to carry out their vital missions.

The Board, particularly the chairman, relies on the board secretary to advise them not only on directors’ statutory duties under the law, disclosure obligations and listing rule requirements but also in respect of corporate governance requirements and practices and effective board processes. This specialized role of the modern board secretary has emerged to position them as one of the key governance professionals within the organization.

This full day workshop is for experienced board secretaries wishing to keep up to date with the latest best practices and for new board secretaries wishing to improve their knowledge and skills and. The one-day session offers a comprehensive overview of the administrative and statutory duties of the company secretary, including the following areas:


– Corporate governance duties

– Compliance responsibilities

– Effective board meetings

– Director induction, board evaluation , nd director development


The price per participant is $2500, to include 1 day workshop, pre & post workshop materials, training materials, refreshments and lunch.

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