Module 3: The Effective Board

The Effective Board Workshop
5-6 November 2019, Riyadh – KSA

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This part of “The World of Directorship – Certificate in Board Directorship” explores the role of the board in formulating and implementing strategy and managing enterprise risk. The course includes the evaluation of the executive directors’ performance as well as business ethics.


  • The board’s role in the governance of a company’s strategy
  • Strategy formulation, development and decision making to include: purpose, vision, values and culture, business environment and strategic analysis, strategic decision making
  • Evaluating strategy delivery to include: key performance indicators and organizational performance benchmarking


  • The nature of risk and the board’s role in risk management
  • Risk appetite and risk tolerance
  • Identification of risks to include IT security
  • Risk assessment mapping and risk response and monitoring
  • Disaster recovery and business continuity planning


  • Remuneration policy
  • Evaluating executive directors’ performance and determining executive directors’ remuneration
  • Remuneration committee best practices
  • Remuneration disclosure


  • The contents of a code of ethics
  • Monitoring ethical practices


Learning Objectives

By the end of the module the participant should be able to:

  • Explain an effective strategy’s components.
  • Analyze the board’s role in the governance of a company’s strategy.
  • Identify the benefits of developing a strategy and identify appropriate tools to formulate strategy.
  • Identify key performance frameworks and indicators to evaluate organizational performance.
  • Identify and implement appropriate actions based on performance assessment.
  • Identify key performance indicators to evaluate CEO’s and other executive directors’ performance.
  • Describe the nature of risk and the board’s role in risk tolerance, risk appetitite and risk management.
  • Outline risk-assessment and decision-making frameworks.
  • Outline priorities for disaster-recovery and business-continuity planning.
  • Define corporate responsibility and related terms and describe the business case and best practices for corporate responsibility and ethical behaviour.
  • Relate the board’s role in strategy and risk to corporate responsibility and ethics.

Workshop fees

Price per person for 2 day workshop

GCC BDI Members USD 3780

Non-Member USD 4200

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